My main website for chirophonetics is at

I have created that website as a way of supporting the work that I and others are doing with chirophonetics in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia, especially China.

Certainly, chirophonetics is an important part of the renewal of the world through the Word. Everywhere we see the illness and destruction caused by bad words – lies and propaganda and selfishness. These are like symptoms of a disease but they have broken out in our world, they do not mean that the true power of the spiritual Word is in any way diminished.

Chirophonetics connects with the inexhaustible power of the Word, making this available for therapy. In the medical perspective given out of Anthroposophy, human illness arises because the connection between body, soul and spirit has become in some way disturbed. Working with the Word allows this spiritual part of our being to be connected with very directly. Through prescription of appropriate sounds or rhythms, the appropriate “medicine” can be brought to a person very directly.

Chirophonetics was first developed in the 1970’s. The other website helps those who are interested understand it better and connect with it in various parts of the world. Here I will just limit myself to a few observations about what it is like to work with such a therapy.