I have written ten books that are available. If you live in NZ, these can be bought right now cheaper on this website than anywhere else. If you live elsewhere I’ll let you know how to get them. Three new books were written fairly recently: A Spiritual Roadmap, Towards the Writing and Performing a New Mystery Drama, and This War is Not Inevitable. And the most recent creation is something I’ve put six years of my life into – When the Will Awakens – the mystery drama that follows the Fourth Mystery Drama of Rudolf Steiner.

How to get a hold of the new mystery drama, When the Will Awakens:

I’m at present under an obligation not to register this book – i.e. it does not have an ISBN number and will not be available through the usual large distribution outlets. (You might find it in a shop but only if me or one of my agents has arranged to place it there.) The book is priced at US$33 plus postage. (At current exchange rates this works out to 28 euro, 25 English pounds or 44 Australian dollars or 48 New Zealand dollars.)

If you are in Australia or New Zealand, send me an email and I’ll send you my bank details and have it sent to you. I can do this also in other parts of the world but need to be paid via paypal. Or the following agents will send you a copy:

In the UK:

Ryan Kouroukis, 7733 714711,

In the US:

East Coast: Shannon Chamberlain, 0610 9333742,

West Coast: Frank Dauenhauer,

The other books available now are:

In the Light of a Child

Seasons of the Soul

Thirty-three Meditations

Song of a Washing Machine

The Very Old Donkey

A Spiritual Roadmap

Towards the Writing and Performing of a New Mystery Drama

This War is Not Inevitable

When The Will Awakens

Three Plays for Twelfth Grade

They can be ordered by emailing my wife Kathy at

Prices for the books are below:

A Spiritual Roadmap NZ$ 21/ US$ 15
In The Light of a ChildNZ$ 21 / US$ 15
Seasons of the SoulNZ$36 / US$ 27
Song of a Washing MachineNZ$ 10 / US$ 8
The Very Old DonkeyNZ$ 12 / US$ 10
This War is Not InevitableNZ$ 21 / US$ 15
Thirty-Three MeditationsNZ$ 20 / US$ 14
Towards the Writing & Performing of a New Mystery Drama (Part One)NZ$ 22 / US$ 16
When the Will AwakensNZ$ 48 / US$ 33
Three Plays for  Twelfth GradeNZ$ 33 / US$ 21

*Postage fees will vary on the weight of the book ordered and location of delivery. Will  be calculated after placing an order.

(b) Books available from elsewhere:

Fourth Mystery Drama translation (The Soul’s Awakening) – from SteinerBooks,

Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily play – available from Amazon,

(c) Plays and poetry never published

Contact the author if you would like access to a play that has not been published for performance. The following titles can be sent as a pdf to people genuinely interested in performing them:

1. In Peace with Darkness – a life of Rembrandt. A play for one actor, accompanied by slides of the paintings of Rembrandt
2. Being Beethoven. A play for one actor, set on the night of the opening performance of the Ninth Symphony
3. What’s Wrong, Victoria?
4. The Place of the Lion. Based on the novel by Charles Williams
5.  Choose Your Poison
6. Naked Against the Night, a Portrait of Dag Hammarskjold
7. Collapsing Creation or The Sex Life of Barnacles. A play about Charles Darwin


It is Not Permitted to Hope. A play for two female actors about Russian poet, Osip Mandelstam
Gunner Inglorious. A one-man-play based on the novel by Jim Henderson
We Will Not Cease. A documentary drama written for the Auckland Museum, 2006
Time Traveller from the Renaissance. A roving, documentary drama, written for the Auckland Museum, to accompany their exhibition of the work of Leonardo da Vinci
Die for your Dream. A short New Zealand romantic comedy
Ask Not What You Can Do for your Country. A historical farce set in New Zealand, 1942

Plays written for Waldorf High School performances:

King Oedipus had a Daughter
Flor and Blanchefleur

(d) Books to come:

The Working of the Spirit. See under Mystery Drama

Working with the Word. A book that will appear firstly in Chinese but will later be published in English. It is about the Word, the Logos, and how forming a personal relationship to it can change our culture in many areas of life. One of its features is that I have invited fourteen different people, each one a master of their own field, to write about how the Word is changing the world in their kind of professional activity. This book may be self-published as I have done with Thirty-three Meditations and Seasons of the Soul or I may go to an overseas publisher, Floris or Steinerbooks.

(e) Books now out of print:

Six plays for Waldorf Schools, Classes 1-4, published by Studio Editions

In Celebration of Being Human, Adonis Press